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What do you mean you aren’t reading the blog?!

I am sure that it comes as no surprise that the whole blog idea was Matt’s idea.  He started one back when we were building the house and updated it with pics of the construction progress and such.  Then, after Nora was born he started this one with our own domain name as a way to share pics and details of the comings and goings of the Sekols, as well as a way of documenting various milestones for the kids. (Some people do that in a baby book, and some day I hope to go back and do that too – maybe I’ll have them filled in before the kids graduate!)  Somewhere along the line, the task of writing the blog posts was passed on to me.  I have since learned how to post the messages myself, but not the pictures so I send them to Matt to post.  I assumed, mistakingly, that he would read these posts as I sent them to him, but have recently learned that is not the case!  His point is that he is living it, so why would he need to read them.  My point is that if I took the time to write it, then he should want to read it!  Or, at the very least, proof read it before it is posted! *SIGH* (Yes Matthew, that is me sighing at you!)

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