I am very blessed, I am very blesssed, I am very blessed – today I had to remind myself of that, repeatedly! Most days I LOVE being a stay at home mom and feel very fortunate that I have that option. Today was not one of those days! Today I would have jumped at the chance to be the one that got to get up and take a shower in peace, have a quiet drive to work, and then spend the day with other adults that can feed themselves, bathe themselves, dress themselves, etc. Instead, I spent the day with three very whiny and ornery children that had multiple tantrums throughout the day over the most ridiculous things. (and no, I am not exaggerating here – one of the tantrums was over Nora yelling at Anna when she was pretending to be an elephant, because she wasn’t making the elephant noises correctly. I’m not sure when Nora was assigned the task of official animal noise patrol, but she took this role very seriously.) Ah, bedtime couldn’t come soon enough! But alas, tomorrow is a new day… thankfully!