So, my 38th birthday weekend was quite fun. On Friday night, we made s’mores over an excellent fire in the fire pit. We followed up by our first non-cartoon outside movie – “Back to the Future”. The kids liked it and actually were rapt for most of the movie. Anna laughed loudly when Doc set fire to the miniature car during his demonstration.
On Saturday, we went swimming at my parents’ house and then vegged out in the evening. Julie and I watched “Jack Reacher” for free on Amazon Prime. It was pretty good.
On Sunday, Julie had friends over for a cooking party and I played Lego Marvel with the kids on Xbox. In the evening, Julie and I played “The Wolf Among Us.” I was surprised to the decisions Julie made during the game, even after being together so long.
All in all, not too shabby! I wish there were more weekends to watch movies outside, but it has been too cool this summer.