Trip to Corry & Bridal Shower

A very dear friend is getting married in June and her bridal shower was in Erie this weekend. So, we made a trip to Corry for the bridal shower and to visit family… a very long trip! We had anticipated that it might take us a little longer due to having a newly potty trained toddler, what we hadn’t anticipated was the absurd amount of construction we would hit on the way! Anna did great, only adding one extra stop to our trip to find a potty. Matt did not do as well, getting more and more frustrated with each construction site that we approached. Despite the rocky start to our trip, we had a great time visiting with family in Union City on Saturday, I had a great time at the bridal shower, the kids all slept better than usual up there, and the trip back was not quite as torturous as the drive up.

Mother’s Day 2010

Today was my first Mother’s Day as a mother of three and it was a great day. Matt got up with the kids so I could sleep in, and even more miraculously – I actually did! Around 9:30, Matt and the kids came up with breakfast in bed – eggs, toast, and coffee, what a treat! The girls also gave me Mother’s Day pictures that they had colored and Matt got me a couple of new murder mystery books. (that was the surprise that Nora had mentioned yesterday – she went to the book store with daddy) I ate some of my eggs and drank some of my coffee in peace and then after a couple of minutes decided that it’s a lot more fun to eat with my four favorite people and brought the rest of my breakfast downstairs. We had a relaxing day together and then went to Mom and Joe’s house for dinner. Breakfast in bed, not having to cook dinner, and spending time with family – wish every day could be this great.

Mother’s Day Surprise

Matt took Nora to Lowes today and when she got home, she said “mommy, I’m not going to tell you about your Mother’s Day surprise.” LOL Matt had told her not to tell me what they had gotten me while they were out cause it was a surprise, but apparently he forgot to tell her that she wasn’t supposed to tell me there was a surprise either. Too cute! Then later when I took her to the grocery store with me I asked her if she had a good time shopping with daddy. She was quiet for a minute and then said “It’s not Mother’s Day yet, right?” and I said, “no, not yet” to which she replied, “okay, let’s not talk about it then!” She is too funny.

“Pre-Built” Raised Bed Garden Project begins

I started my hobby of gardening three years ago when my Fathers In Law and Matt built me my first raised bed garden for my 30th birthday. Since then I have learned a bit about gardening through trial and error as well as from my parents expertise, and have always had pretty good luck growing veggies – even last year when my garden did not get as much attention as it should have due to the arrival of a little boy in early June. Each year my parents come out to help me get my garden planted and this year I added the task of helping put together a second garden. What I thought was going to be a quick and easy task… was anything but. Matt and I had seen this very neat raised bed garden kit at Sams Club. It had a sprinkler system and hose as well as a trellis for growing veggies up the back. When our local Sams Club began the process of changing locations they clearanced out their display models and Mom and Joe bought me the garden as a surprise. Because it had been a display model, it had a lot of the pieces put together already and they had moved it here in large sections. This led me to believe that it would not take much to put it back together, which was true – putting it together was not the problem. Leveling the ground to set it on was the problem! In the 8′ patch of ground that we were going to put this garden, we had an 8″ slope! Apparently this is gonna be a bit more involved than I had thought…

The Fence is going in!

We had planned to put a fence in as soon as we moved in… that was almost five years ago! Now that we have three walking kiddos that are usually going in three separate directions, we finally decided to put it in. Those of you that know me well, know that I analyzed, and sketched, and reanalyzed this over and over again and after much discussion and thought and measuring, we agreed on the layout and type of fence. The kids didn’t seem to have much opinion about the fence going in – until this morning when the crew showed up. Nora and Anna were marching around the house shouting, “no fence!” “no fence!” Too late girlies, the fence is going in!


Trip to the Crayola Factory

The Crayola Factory was having a dinosaur exhibit and Nora is currently obsessed with dinosaurs, so we just had to go check it out. It was a fun day of painting dinosaur stamps, making stuff out of model magic – including a dinosaur that Matt made for Anna, coloring with the sidewalk chalk, drawing on the plexiglass wall, coloring dinosaur pictures, etc. We also got to hear a Danny the Dinosaur Story and see Danny the Dinosaur – which none of the kids were really into. Always a good time at The Crayola Factory.


Easter 2010

When the girls went to bed last night they left their Easter Baskets on the island for the Easter Bunny and when they work up this morning they were gone! Some how we convinced the girls to wait until after breakfast to go looking for them and they helped me make a big yummy breakfast, that included Easter Bunny shaped pancakes! After breakfast we went in the family room and found that the silly Easter Bunny had hid their baskets, filled with lots of goodies as well as a bunch of eggs in the living room and family room. Nora, true to character, sat down to go through her basket while Anna got a head start on the egg finding. Liam sat on the floor looking completely baffled by the whole thing. After the Egg Hunt, we miraculously got all three kids and ourselves dressed in time to go to church and then had Easter Dinner and an outdoor Egg Hunt at Grammy Terry’s and Grandpa Joe’s.