Who needs a dryer vent, anyhow?

Matt’s friend Rhett recently cleaned out his dryer vent and very generously offered to help Matt clean out ours. Since this is not something that you think of all that often, actually not at all during the past five years that we’ve lived here, we decided to take him up on the offer. This morning Matt went out to locate our dryer vent before Rhett got here… and discovered that we don’t have one! What we had instead was a large pile of lint building up in our attic. Nice. My thought was, some people pay to have insulation blown into their attic and we’re getting this blown in for free!  I was kidding of course, and Matt and Rhett were quick to point out that unfortunately dryer lint is very flammable so not something that you really want piling up in your attic. Ugh. So, Matt called Joe and Joe came to the rescue! After analyzing the situation the two of them made a trip to Lowes and a few hours later we now have a dryer vent. (Thanks Joe!)

Congrats Jenna and Matt (Shaw)!

Matt’s cousin, Jenna got married today in Maryland. They thoughtfully included the kiddos in the invitation, however after much thought and discussion we decided that it was just too much to either drive down the night before and stay in a hotel with the kids or get up super early in the morning and drive down with them before the wedding and then to expect them to sit through the wedding and reception. So, Matt drove down with his sister this morning while I stayed home with the kids. I was sad to have to miss it, but had to be realistic about how much we can expect from a 3 year old, 2 year old, and 1 year old. We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness Jenna and Matt!
While Matt was away today, the kids and I went to a picnic/birthday party. The kids had a great time playing in the trampoline, in the sprinklers, and even in the dreaded sand – it took two shampooings to get that green and purple sand out of their hair but they sure did have fun!

Fixed laptop AND ice cream!

Matt bought me a laptop for my birthday this year. As much as I didn’t think I would really like a laptop, I now cannot imagine going back to a regular computer that you have to sit at a desk to use. I have a nice comfy spot on the end of the couch where I sit and check my e-mail, check facebook, look stuff up on the internet, etc. However, I also have a very nosey one year old that likes to come up in front of me and grab my laptop screen which sometimes bends it further back than it was meant to go… Until today it did not seem to do any real damage though. This afternoon while the kiddos were playing, I decided to check my e-mail and was chatting with Matt though g-mail. Then Anna needed me, so I went to close the laptop screen and set it down for a minute and when I closed it, I heard a crunch! Crunching is not a sound you ever want to hear from your laptop, or pretty much any electronic equipment for that matter. I opened it back up and told Matt I had to go because something very bad just happened with my laptop! He then called me to find out what was going on and I told him I had no idea what happened but my laptop made a crunching sound and it looked very bad, very, very bad. So, I unplugged it, shut it down, and waited for Matt to get home and acess the damage. Fortunately within a pretty short amount of time, Matt had my laptop miraculously fixed (determining that a screw probably popped out and then when I went to close it, it popped the screen out from the hinge causing the mysterious crunching sound) and he handled the entire situation rather calmly. After the laptop fiasco was resolved we had dinner and then my dear husband, who typically is not a spontaneous kinda guy asks who wants to go get ice cream! What kid is gonna pass up that kinda offer? So, off we went to the Ice Cream Lab, our local, very yummy ice cream shop.

Blog?!? What blog?

For those of you that were once upon a time, regular followers of our blog… you may have noticed that it has been quite some time since the last update, about a year actually. Hmmm, what happened in the Sekol household about a year ago??? Oh yeah, we welcomed our third child into the world! Then the joys and trials of having a newborn again as well as two busy toddlers set in, and unfortunately the blog fell by the wayside. Our little bundle of joy is now a year old however and perhaps, maybe, possibly (although making no promises!) we’ll find time to keep our blog up to date once again. So, check back often and send us an e-mail if you notice us slacking again –  we might need some motivation to fit this in during our limited free time. In the mean time, I’m going to attempt to fill in some of the blanks from the many adventures that the Sekol Family has had over the past year – I kept notes and took lots of pictures, just didn’t get them posted in blog form so we’ll see how that goes.  On another somewhat interesting note… we recently combined our old blog that was hosted elsewhere with this site.  It was kinda neat to go back and revisit the pics of when we were  building house,  feels like a lifetime ago. Happy Reading!

Liam’s First Haircut

Matt has been trying to convince me that Liam needs to get a hair cut for a while now, and I kept putting it off because I knew that my baby would no longer look like a baby anymore. After that first hair cut they always look so much more like a kid and I just wasn’t ready for that! But, Liam definitely thinks he is a big kid now so I gave in and we took him for his first hair cut this evening. He sat there on daddy’s lap and didn’t fuss a bit and just as I had feared, he now looks like a little boy.


Liam’s 1st Birthday

One year ago today, our family became complete. Liam Joseph Sekol was born into the world and into our family. He is the son I never knew I wanted (I was convinced that I was more of a “girl mom” than a “boy mom”) and now I could not imagine our lives without him. He truly is such a joy and such a happy little boy. We love you Liam, happy birthday!


Grammy Terry’s Birthday 2010

Grammy Terry’s birthday is the day before Liam’s and she wanted to go shopping at The Crossings, which is an outlet mall in Tannersville, PA with me, Matt, and the kids – crazy I know! But, I believe that people should get to celebrate their birthdays however they choose, so we packed up our crew and off to the outlets we went. It was a fun day, we did find some bargains, and the kids weren’t too bad – so all in all, it was a good day! Happy Birthday Mom/Grammy!

Liam’s Birthday Party

Liam Joseph Sekol will be one year old on June 7th. Today we celebrated his first birthday with family and friends. Unfortunately Grandma Proctor and Pa Bill weren’t able to be here, as they had planned because mom has bronchitis so they weren’t able to make the trip – We missed you mom and dad! It was a fun and crazy day. Liam did not hesitate at all about sticking his hands right into his smash cake. Note to self: Red icing with a bunch of little kids and especially for a one year old is not a great idea! Thanks to everyone that came over to help us celebrate this special mile stone for Liam.


STOP Liam!

Liam makes a beeline to the bathroom anytime he hears the door opening. Anna, our recently potty trained 2 year old… often leaves the bathroom door open. Nora, our resident problem solver, decided to make a stop sign with paper and a red crayon and anytime Liam heads to the bathroom she promptly arrives with her stop sign and announces “STOP LIAM!” Kids are so funny.

Landscaping and Pedicures

Matt has been trying to pick out plants to fill in the landscaping out front for the past few weeks. Despite his asking me what I thought about different plants and shrubs and trying to get my input, I have tried to stay out of it because it was not high on my priority list and I had a million other things I wanted/needed to get done. However, he suckered me into going to the nursery with him on Saturday morning by saying, “how about we get the kids ready and all take a drive to the nursery” pitching the idea as it being a fun family outing… yeah right! For him to want to go through getting the kids ready, switching the car seats around and taking the seats out of my van (we had to put the girls in his car and both of us would have to drive so we could fit the plants in my van) and deal with keeping the kids occupied while trying to concentrate on picking out plants, I knew that he must really want/need my help! So, we grabbed a sketch of what color combos and such we were looking for and headed off to Glenmar Nursery, where we found a very helpful worker that helped us pick out plants that would work well in our space. After about an hour at the nursery (and pulling out every trick we could think of to keep the kids entertained), we came home with a car full of plants and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening as well as the majority of the day on Sunday pulling weeds and planting. During the hottest part of the day, we took a “break” from being out in the sun and cleaned out the shed. Yep, it was a super fun weekend! By Monday, my feet were black from sitting in the mulch and weeding and I desperately needed some relaxation and a pedicure, so I headed down to see my friend Kelley. I got to see the new place that she is moving into, we did some shopping since I have not a single pair of shorts that fit, and we ended my visit with a much needed pedicure.