What George Did

“How’s Dori doing?” George asked his brother. “She hasn’t come to see me yet.”

Mike shifted uncomfortably in his chair. Despite the tropical location, the beach, and the nearby bar, Mike just couldn’t relax.

“Everyone is dealing with this in their own way. I’m not sure coming here was the best idea,” Mike said.

“You couldn’t get Mom and Dad to come?”

“Mom and Dad don’t even understand what this is. Bastard is one word they use to describe you and what you did.”

Always the salesman, George flashed his winning smile, “Look, it’s better now. How great is this?”

Mike looked around. It was certainly a beautiful place his brother now found himself in. There were women in bikinis everywhere, endless drinks and the weather was perfect. Mike considered what he had to look forward to. Back home, everything was grey and bleak. Even his high-rise office window just looked into another high-rise office window.

“This is definitely nice. You can’t beat the view, I suppose,” Mike said, then he took a sip of his drink.

“My brother, ladies and gentlemen. The king of understatements!” George clapped.

“I suppose I’ll keep coming as long as I can. I still don’t get why you did it. The scenery is better, but that’s all it is. I gotta run. I guess I’ll see you next month.”

“I’ll be here!”

Mike took the virtual reality helmet off and returned it to the undertaker. He wondered if the bikini girls were dead too.