The old man stares at the upright storage unit in the corner. He can still remember the ads.

Need a short break from the constant whining and fighting? Try our new Time Out Spot! Kids will relax in a state of pure calm while you…

…Mow the lawn!

…Catch up on work at home!

…Even take the wife out for a lovely dinner!

The last phrase bites him as he recalls it. He bought this Time Out Spot shortly after her death. The seal on the window broke 20 years ago, so he can only see a blur inside as he looks from across the room. He remembers the struggle the first time he put his child in, but not what it was about.

The last time he let the child out, it screamed and wailed. All the while clutching that damn bear she had bought him. Hardly the behavior for a 5 year old, he thought. He frowned.

A knock awakes him from the memory. He grabs his cane and slowly stumbles towards the door. Clear cords run down his shirt and into a levitating oxygen chamber. He gently tugs at them to catchup as he opens the door.

A burly man in a jumpsuit asks, “Is he ready?”

“Guess so. It’s over there in the corner. You’ll take good care of it? Doc says I’ll be gone by week’s end.”

“Yeah, we’ll make sure he’s set up someplace real nice. Sign here.”