Landscaping and Pedicures

Matt has been trying to pick out plants to fill in the landscaping out front for the past few weeks. Despite his asking me what I thought about different plants and shrubs and trying to get my input, I have tried to stay out of it because it was not high on my priority list and I had a million other things I wanted/needed to get done. However, he suckered me into going to the nursery with him on Saturday morning by saying, “how about we get the kids ready and all take a drive to the nursery” pitching the idea as it being a fun family outing… yeah right! For him to want to go through getting the kids ready, switching the car seats around and taking the seats out of my van (we had to put the girls in his car and both of us would have to drive so we could fit the plants in my van) and deal with keeping the kids occupied while trying to concentrate on picking out plants, I knew that he must really want/need my help! So, we grabbed a sketch of what color combos and such we were looking for and headed off to Glenmar Nursery, where we found a very helpful worker that helped us pick out plants that would work well in our space. After about an hour at the nursery (and pulling out every trick we could think of to keep the kids entertained), we came home with a car full of plants and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening as well as the majority of the day on Sunday pulling weeds and planting. During the hottest part of the day, we took a “break” from being out in the sun and cleaned out the shed. Yep, it was a super fun weekend! By Monday, my feet were black from sitting in the mulch and weeding and I desperately needed some relaxation and a pedicure, so I headed down to see my friend Kelley. I got to see the new place that she is moving into, we did some shopping since I have not a single pair of shorts that fit, and we ended my visit with a much needed pedicure.