“Pre-Built” Raised Bed Garden Project begins

I started my hobby of gardening three years ago when my Fathers In Law and Matt built me my first raised bed garden for my 30th birthday. Since then I have learned a bit about gardening through trial and error as well as from my parents expertise, and have always had pretty good luck growing veggies – even last year when my garden did not get as much attention as it should have due to the arrival of a little boy in early June. Each year my parents come out to help me get my garden planted and this year I added the task of helping put together a second garden. What I thought was going to be a quick and easy task… was anything but. Matt and I had seen this very neat raised bed garden kit at Sams Club. It had a sprinkler system and hose as well as a trellis for growing veggies up the back. When our local Sams Club began the process of changing locations they clearanced out their display models and Mom and Joe bought me the garden as a surprise. Because it had been a display model, it had a lot of the pieces put together already and they had moved it here in large sections. This led me to believe that it would not take much to put it back together, which was true – putting it together was not the problem. Leveling the ground to set it on was the problem! In the 8′ patch of ground that we were going to put this garden, we had an 8″ slope! Apparently this is gonna be a bit more involved than I had thought…

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