Fixed laptop AND ice cream!

Matt bought me a laptop for my birthday this year. As much as I didn’t think I would really like a laptop, I now cannot imagine going back to a regular computer that you have to sit at a desk to use. I have a nice comfy spot on the end of the couch where I sit and check my e-mail, check facebook, look stuff up on the internet, etc. However, I also have a very nosey one year old that likes to come up in front of me and grab my laptop screen which sometimes bends it further back than it was meant to go… Until today it did not seem to do any real damage though. This afternoon while the kiddos were playing, I decided to check my e-mail and was chatting with Matt though g-mail. Then Anna needed me, so I went to close the laptop screen and set it down for a minute and when I closed it, I heard a crunch! Crunching is not a sound you ever want to hear from your laptop, or pretty much any electronic equipment for that matter. I opened it back up and told Matt I had to go because something very bad just happened with my laptop! He then called me to find out what was going on and I told him I had no idea what happened but my laptop made a crunching sound and it looked very bad, very, very bad. So, I unplugged it, shut it down, and waited for Matt to get home and acess the damage. Fortunately within a pretty short amount of time, Matt had my laptop miraculously fixed (determining that a screw probably popped out and then when I went to close it, it popped the screen out from the hinge causing the mysterious crunching sound) and he handled the entire situation rather calmly. After the laptop fiasco was resolved we had dinner and then my dear husband, who typically is not a spontaneous kinda guy asks who wants to go get ice cream! What kid is gonna pass up that kinda offer? So, off we went to the Ice Cream Lab, our local, very yummy ice cream shop.