Easter 2010

When the girls went to bed last night they left their Easter Baskets on the island for the Easter Bunny and when they work up this morning they were gone! Some how we convinced the girls to wait until after breakfast to go looking for them and they helped me make a big yummy breakfast, that included Easter Bunny shaped pancakes! After breakfast we went in the family room and found that the silly Easter Bunny had hid their baskets, filled with lots of goodies as well as a bunch of eggs in the living room and family room. Nora, true to character, sat down to go through her basket while Anna got a head start on the egg finding. Liam sat on the floor looking completely baffled by the whole thing. After the Egg Hunt, we miraculously got all three kids and ourselves dressed in time to go to church and then had Easter Dinner and an outdoor Egg Hunt at Grammy Terry’s and Grandpa Joe’s.


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