Easter Bunny Express

We went for our first train ride today, on the Easter Bunny Express in Kempton, PA. It is a seasonal train ride on the Wanamaker Kempton & Southern Railroad.  After meeting Grammy Terry and Grandpa Joe there, we started off the trip with a pic with the Easter Bunny, then stopped by the gift shop to get some conductor hats and a train whistle and then it was time to board the train! While taking a lesiurely ride some Easter Peeps came around and handed out Easter coloring books and crayons and they handed out special lolipops as we got off of the train. The most interesting part of the trip however, was desperately trying to find a gas station on the way home without running out of gas! Background: The day before I had told Matt we needed to stop for gas before we took off. The next morning we leave, driving through Walnutport without stopping for gas… and not passing any other gas stations along the way! We get there just fine, but the trip back we were literally running on fumes. Fortunately we made it back to the gas station in Walnutport, conveniently located with a Dunkin Donuts inside, so we got gas and coffee and all was well.


One thought on “Easter Bunny Express

  1. Kelley

    LOL…how funny that it was Matt not you who did not stop for gas…that is so a you or me not a Matt thing to do.

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