This one is actually based on a true story from the other night.

I awoke with a start, but wasn’t afraid. Briefly, my brain assessed my surroundings and quickly determined that I was just in my ordinary bed with my wife lying next to me. Still half asleep, I looked over her across the room in the dark. I saw the jack o’lantern face peering at me from outside a latticed covered window.
“Now, we’re in trouble,” I muttered with confidence. I could feel the dream slipping away as the words dissipated in the room. As clarity entered my mind, I spoke my wife’s name softly – then again. I wasn’t sure if I had spoken the confusing phrase and now wasn’t relieved that she was still sleeping.
Across the room at eye level, the jack o’lantern peered at me through the mysterious window. I stared at it with great marvel and dared not blink. Its head seemed to be dancing up and down in the cross of the lattice ever so disjointedly. It glowed bright red and I was transfixed in its black and square eyes.
I was frozen for what seemed like an hour, breathing in shallow breaths while it watched me back. By its movements, I couldn’t tell if it was trying to break in or portray some unknown warning. As my mind continued to awake from lucidity, I realized that there was no window on that side of the room. My mind still couldn’t catch up with my eyes. Suddenly, the face shifted and I saw it change – 3:14.

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