Lots of Updates in One!

There are several things going on at the moment. 

The patio work started today!  Two workers showed up and removed the grass up by the house and tomorrow afternoon, we’ll have a big dirt hole! 

Nora has also been walking with the support of the toy car we bought her.  She can go about 10 feet with it on the carpet.  She’s also been pushing the kitchen chairs around while walking – and knocking over the garbage can, but overall, we’re pretty excited about it.

Nora has also just started getting her next couple of teeth in.  She’s been quite the crab about the whole thing but I suppose rightfully so,  I can’t imagine if I were getting new teeth in.  My mother used to put whiskey on my gums, but I don’t want to start her on that so early.  Look what it’s done to me!

Lastly, I just finished the seventh and last Harry Potter book.  If you aren’t reading them, go get them!  I won’t tell you what happens, but it was a really satisfying conclusion to a great series.

There are no pictures with this post, but there hopefully will be some patio pictures soon!

One thought on “Lots of Updates in One!

  1. Kel

    Did Juls finish the book too? I can’t wait to borrow it?

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