Grammy Terry’s Birthday 2010

Grammy Terry’s birthday is the day before Liam’s and she wanted to go shopping at The Crossings, which is an outlet mall in Tannersville, PA with me, Matt, and the kids – crazy I know! But, I believe that people should get to celebrate their birthdays however they choose, so we packed up our crew […]

Grandma Proctor’s Birthday 2010

Mom and Dad came out for a visit at the end of April and were here for mom’s birthday. We sure do love birthdays around here and the girls were super excited about helping make and decorate a cake for Grandma Proctor. Happy Birthday Mom/Grandma – we love you!        

Easter Bunny Express

We went for our first train ride today, on the Easter Bunny Express in Kempton, PA. It is a seasonal train ride on the Wanamaker Kempton & Southern Railroad.  After meeting Grammy Terry and Grandpa Joe there, we started off the trip with a pic with the Easter Bunny, then stopped by the gift shop to […]

Nora has her first sleepover

Nora has been asking to sleep at Grammy Terry and Grandpa Joe’s house for about a month now and although she has stayed there a few times before when Grammy and Grandpa were babysitting, this was the first time that she stayed as a planned sleepover just for fun and her own planning. She had […]

Liam’s Baptism

Liam Joseph Sekol was baptised at Cherryville Hope Lutheran Church today. His Grandma Proctor and Pa Bill came out for a visit so they could be here for Liam’s special day and his Grammy Terry, Grandpa Joe, Grandpa Randee, Grammy Pammy, Great Grandpa Sekol, Aunt Jessie, and Aunt Katie also joined us to celebrate with Liam. […]


Grammy Terry and Grandpa Joe are on vacation this week… which usually means LOTS of shopping for them! Apparently they were feeling extra adventerous for today though because they invited me and the kiddos to go with them to The Crossings, which is the Outlet Mall in Tannersville, PA. So, we packed up the MV […]

Coloring Easter Eggs

One of our Easter traditions in the making is coloring Easter Eggs with “Grammy Terry” and “Grandpa Joe”. This year both girls were able to participate in the fun!  Only two eggs got cracked and no egg dye got spilled – so all and all I think we did pretty good!      

Pa Bill turns 80!

My dad turned 80 years old on Monday, March 16th and my sisters-in-law, mother, and I planned a surprise birthday party for him the following weekend. Matt, Nora, Anna, and I made the trip back home (which was Nora’s first long car trip since being potty trained… and she had no accidents!) and had a […]

Christmas – such a magical season indeed!

The four of us traveled to the winter wonderland known as Corry, PA for Christmas. It was a fun and busy four days and we enjoyed spending the time with our family up there. When we returned home we found that Santa had also been to Walnutport! He left us treats in our stockings and […]

Cookie baking with Grandma Terry and Grandpa Joe

Nora and Anna had a great time making cookie cutter cookies and then decorating them with red and green sprinkles with their Grandpa Joe and Grammy Terry, which has become one of our holiday traditions. As you can see the girls are even decked out in festive aprons! Can you imagine the fun when there’s […]