Garden Fence

Julie has had a garden now for a couple of years, but right from the start, groundhogs were a problem. They dug up and under the raised bed, wreaking havoc. They jumped into our true raised bed, which was about 2 feet off the ground. After many years of having a less than successful garden […]

Damn Septic

The septic mound has been a giant source of frustration even before it was put it. (You can refer back to our house building posts if you have forgotten the drama of our lot only perking in one location causing us to have to build our house closer to the curb than the other houses […]

Who needs a dryer vent, anyhow?

Matt’s friend Rhett recently cleaned out his dryer vent and very generously offered to help Matt clean out ours. Since this is not something that you think of all that often, actually not at all during the past five years that we’ve lived here, we decided to take him up on the offer. This morning […]

Landscaping and Pedicures

Matt has been trying to pick out plants to fill in the landscaping out front for the past few weeks. Despite his asking me what I thought about different plants and shrubs and trying to get my input, I have tried to stay out of it because it was not high on my priority list […]

“Pre-Built” Raised Bed Garden Project begins

I started my hobby of gardening three years ago when my Fathers In Law and Matt built me my first raised bed garden for my 30th birthday. Since then I have learned a bit about gardening through trial and error as well as from my parents expertise, and have always had pretty good luck growing […]

The Fence is going in!

We had planned to put a fence in as soon as we moved in… that was almost five years ago! Now that we have three walking kiddos that are usually going in three separate directions, we finally decided to put it in. Those of you that know me well, know that I analyzed, and sketched, […]

Project: Basement Media Room

Due to certain changing situations in our family, we needed to expand our space into the basement. We decided to move our existing media room to the basement, move our upstairs office to the old media room and make a new bedroom upstairs for a new arrival. I was lucky enough to find a great […]

Lots of Updates in One!

There are several things going on at the moment.  The patio work started today!  Two workers showed up and removed the grass up by the house and tomorrow afternoon, we’ll have a big dirt hole!  Nora has also been walking with the support of the toy car we bought her.  She can go about 10 […]