A good night for Back to the Future

So, my 38th birthday weekend was quite fun. On Friday night, we made s’mores over an excellent fire in the fire pit. We followed up by our first non-cartoon outside movie – “Back to the Future”. The kids liked it and actually were rapt for most of the movie. Anna laughed loudly when Doc set […]

Slacking again….

It appears that the blog updates have fallen behind yet again…. Plenty going on – birthday festivities (Matt’s and soon Nora’s), preparing for first experience with preschool (Nora), broken bones (Liam), toddler tantrums (Anna) – yep, the Sekol house continues to be full of activity and adventure! Just lacking on the time to document it […]

Damn Septic

The septic mound has been a giant source of frustration even before it was put it. (You can refer back to our house building posts if you have forgotten the drama of our lot only perking in one location causing us to have to build our house closer to the curb than the other houses […]

It’s a GIRL!

Well folks, it’s a girl! Nora Eileen was born around 1PM. She is 21 inches and 7lbs 3oz. Julie is feeling pretty good too now that it’s over.

Baby’s Room Done!

Here are some pics from the baby’s room. This room used to be mauve and was Julie’s office. With the baby coming, we switched it over to yellow and a pastel blue (and in the process moved Julie into my office). You can see the furniture we chose along with the Baby Snoopy pattern. The […]

Baby Ultrasound Pics

That’s right! It’s a baby! Wow – we went from house to baby awfully fast. Here are 3 pics from the ultrasound we had this morning. Baby’s head and torso  Baby’s head  Baby’s head, torso and fist 

Now that we’re inside…

Well, I’m starting to have a few seconds here and there, so here’s a few pics that I hope will get you through the New Year. Merry Christmas! The first is a set of shelves that Julie’s dad built for us. This is the pantry. They turned out really, really great! Plus, he put shelves […]

Broadcasting Live!

We are now broadcasting live from the house! Thanks to a little foresight, we were able to get the internet up before we moved in! I’m sure Julie is thrilled. Plus, I think this means I have to work on Sunday. Oh well. Tomorrow is move-in day!

At Last!

Alright! Someone gimme some Etta James! At last, we got our keys! Julie picked up our occupancy permit today, we then rushed up to our builder and were like “Here! Here! Give us the keys!” And they did! So, it looks like our long journey is almost over (or just beginning?). We move this weekend! […]