What George Did

“How’s Dori doing?” George asked his brother. “She hasn’t come to see me yet.” Mike shifted uncomfortably in his chair. Despite the tropical location, the beach, and the nearby bar, Mike just couldn’t relax. “Everyone is dealing with this in their own way. I’m not sure coming here was the best idea,” Mike said. “You […]


The old man stares at the upright storage unit in the corner. He can still remember the ads. Need a short break from the constant whining and fighting? Try our new Time Out Spot! Kids will relax in a state of pure calm while you… …Mow the lawn! …Catch up on work at home! …Even […]

A good night for Back to the Future

So, my 38th birthday weekend was quite fun. On Friday night, we made s’mores over an excellent fire in the fire pit. We followed up by our first non-cartoon outside movie – “Back to the Future”. The kids liked it and actually were rapt for most of the movie. Anna laughed loudly when Doc set […]

Garden Fence

Julie has had a garden now for a couple of years, but right from the start, groundhogs were a problem. They dug up and under the raised bed, wreaking havoc. They jumped into our true raised bed, which was about 2 feet off the ground. After many years of having a less than successful garden […]

Liam’s Preschool Graduation

Like a rite of passage for all the Sekol kids, Liam completed his preschool circus program as a seal (Nora was a lion, Anna was a pony). He actually participated, but didn’t sing the songs, which was par for the course. He did smile insanely wide when he got his diploma. I’m not sure whether […]

Anna’s New Glasses

Anna has very bad eyesight and we were told the glasses would be slightly less than granny’s old bottle cap style. These actually aren’t nearly as bad at all. They are purple and quite cute. So far, she’s very excited. As for Nora, she’s very jealous. Anna can’t wait to show them to her Kindergarten […]

Beautiful Girl by the Pool

Today is Mother’s Day 2014. We all headed down to Grandpa Joe’s and Grammy Terry’s house to swim. It was a little early for the adults, so only Joe and the kids went in. Nora was our otter though. She was in and out and down the slide a ton. She outlasted everyone else. Here […]

Color Me Rad, Allentown 2014

After Nora and I completed the Color Me Rad in Bethlehem last year, we convinced the others to join in. We practiced getting ready the night before and come morning, it was 1. Get Up! 2. Get dressed! 3. Get in the car! We ate breakfast on the way to our 7:40AM start time, but […]

Call for Me

This is another dream based microfiction story, similar to the story 3:13. “Grandma?” She was the last person I was expecting to be on the other end of the phone. “Yes, it’s your grandma. How are you doing, honey? How are the kids?” I fall into a nearby kitchen chair and wave my wife over. I […]

Slacking again….

It appears that the blog updates have fallen behind yet again…. Plenty going on – birthday festivities (Matt’s and soon Nora’s), preparing for first experience with preschool (Nora), broken bones (Liam), toddler tantrums (Anna) – yep, the Sekol house continues to be full of activity and adventure! Just lacking on the time to document it […]