What do you mean you aren’t reading the blog?!

I am sure that it comes as no surprise that the whole blog idea was Matt’s idea.  He started one back when we were building the house and updated it with pics of the construction progress and such.  Then, after Nora was born he started this one with our own domain name as a way to […]


The young woman drove her red compact sedan as she had done for nearly every weekday for the past five years.  The car zipped along wooded backroads in the morning hours and passed through various small towns.  Coffee steam rose quietly through a small hole in her steel mug and quickly vanished in the breeze […]

Damn Septic

The septic mound has been a giant source of frustration even before it was put it. (You can refer back to our house building posts if you have forgotten the drama of our lot only perking in one location causing us to have to build our house closer to the curb than the other houses […]

Is it Bedtime Yet?!

I am very blessed, I am very blesssed, I am very blessed – today I had to remind myself of that, repeatedly! Most days I LOVE being a stay at home mom and feel very fortunate that I have that option. Today was not one of those days! Today I would have jumped at the chance to be […]

Who needs a dryer vent, anyhow?

Matt’s friend Rhett recently cleaned out his dryer vent and very generously offered to help Matt clean out ours. Since this is not something that you think of all that often, actually not at all during the past five years that we’ve lived here, we decided to take him up on the offer. This morning […]

Congrats Jenna and Matt (Shaw)!

Matt’s cousin, Jenna got married today in Maryland. They thoughtfully included the kiddos in the invitation, however after much thought and discussion we decided that it was just too much to either drive down the night before and stay in a hotel with the kids or get up super early in the morning and drive […]

Fixed laptop AND ice cream!

Matt bought me a laptop for my birthday this year. As much as I didn’t think I would really like a laptop, I now cannot imagine going back to a regular computer that you have to sit at a desk to use. I have a nice comfy spot on the end of the couch where […]

Blog?!? What blog?

For those of you that were once upon a time, regular followers of our blog… you may have noticed that it has been quite some time since the last update, about a year actually. Hmmm, what happened in the Sekol household about a year ago??? Oh yeah, we welcomed our third child into the world! […]

Liam’s First Haircut

Matt has been trying to convince me that Liam needs to get a hair cut for a while now, and I kept putting it off because I knew that my baby would no longer look like a baby anymore. After that first hair cut they always look so much more like a kid and I […]

Liam’s 1st Birthday

One year ago today, our family became complete. Liam Joseph Sekol was born into the world and into our family. He is the son I never knew I wanted (I was convinced that I was more of a “girl mom” than a “boy mom”) and now I could not imagine our lives without him. He […]